How to create and activate bitexbit code

How to create and activate a bitexbit code

The bitexbit code is a convenient analog of the exchange's internal currency. Bitexbit codes are designed to instantly transfer funds between exchange users without fees. You can create codes in different currencies, check and activate them if necessary, send them directly to your email or the recipient.

Algorithm for creating bitexbit codes

  1. Click the Login button on the website;
  2. Enter the login and password of your account and go through two-factor authentication if it is activated;
  3. Hover your cursor over the bitexbit code button in the top bar and select Create code from the dropdown list of functions;
  4. Select the currency in which you want to generate the code, specify the desired amount, the recipient's email address, and click the Generate button. If you have not specified the recipient's email address, the code will be sent to the email specified in your profile settings;
  5. To restrict third parties from activating the code, you can specify the user ID to whom the code is assigned. To find your Personal ID, hover your cursor over the Profile button and click Account. Please carefully check the correctness of the specified ID, in case of an error, one will not be able to activate the code.
  6. Copy and save the bitexbit code and the code for checking the amount in a safe place. The code will be shown only once, and also duplicated to the email. The verification code may be needed to provide it to another user so that he can verify the availability of funds in the required amount – for Proof of Funds purposes.

Please note that unverified users can create codes for maximum 1 BTC equivalent per day. To increase the limit on creating codes, please pass the verification.

Algorithm for activating bitexbit codes

  1. Hover your cursor over the bitexbit code button in the top bar and select Activate code from the dropdown list of functions.
  2. Paste the code into the bitexbit code field and click Activate. The funds will be instantly credited to your balance.
  3. To check the code without activating it, paste it into the bitexbit code field and click Check.

To see a list of the generated codes, as well as their status - activated or not, go to the My Codes tab in the sidebar in the bitexbit code menu. Please note that codes transferred to third parties are subject to return only if they are still not activated.

To deactivate the code, simply activate it in your account. The funds will be credited to your balance, the code will no longer be valid, and no fee is charged for this.

Please keep your codes safe. They are non-recoverable and can only be redeemed once.

Last modified on 09.02.2021