What is Personal ID

What is Personal ID and how to use it

Personal ID is the internal identifier of the client in the system. Personal ID consists of numbers and Latin letters and is unique for each client of the platform.

Personal ID is another way to protect bitexbit clients from fraudsters. The ID is used to contact the support service if it is necessary to identify the exchange client, as well as to transfer to third parties to create a code.

By using a personal ID, you do not have to provide an email address, which protects you from attacks such as phishing. Personal ID is public information that can be transferred, since the identifier does not provide access to your account itself.

Please save your Personal ID securely, you can use it if you lose access to your account. To find it, hover over the Profile button in the upper right corner and select Account from the dropdown list of functions.

Last modified on 10.02.2021