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Replenishment methods

3 ways to replenish and withdraw fiat funds

Replenish the exchange account balance with fiat funds in these quick and easy ways to invest in cryptocurrencies or start trading today.

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Accelerated Verification System

Taking care of your time and mental health, we have developed the maximum simplified account verification. We request only the most necessary documents, provide you with a choice of ID documents, store data securely and consider applications within a few hours.


Unlimited after account verification


Highest level security

The bitexbit technical team defines security as a priority area making it our principal advantage. We do everything to ensure that user data and funds are always safe, and we also ask you to comply with all possible measures to protect your accounts. Let’s care together.

  • 2FA

    We strongly recommend using two-factor authentication to log into your account on the exchange and mailbox. Install Google Authenticator or connect Telegram bot (Coming Soon) to improve security.

  • Anti-phishing code

    Set up an anti-phishing security code as an extra layer of security. Every time you receive a letter with your code, you will be sure that the sender is not fake.

  • IP Whitelist

    Save all the IP addresses you want to work on the exchange from to a whitelist and work only from safe places so that no one else can access your account.

  • Address Management

    Create a whitelist of addresses to restrict the ability to withdraw funds to other people's wallets. Or have an address book for wallets that you use frequently.


bitexbit codes

A tool for quick transfers of funds between users within the exchange and comfortable mutual settlements.

  • Confirmation of funds

    Check codes for validity and availability of funds.

  • Multicurrency codes

    Create codes in any currency available on the exchange.

  • Mutual settlements

    Pay for goods and services with codes or trade them on other platforms.

  • Codes with Warranty (Coming Soon)

    Set a confidence period during which it is impossible to deactivate the code for added confidence.


Convenient Notifications

Set up a notification system via the Telegram bot to receive messages in a secure and comfortable messenger.

  • 2FA

    Receive codes for two-factor authentication directly in Telegram.

  • Completed orders

    Get info about order execution without visiting the exchange website.

  • News

    Latest updates and important news — quickly and near at hand.

  • Rate movements

    Track price changes by receiving messages from the bot.

Referral program

Earn rewards in the referral system!

Affiliate program, available for every user, with the ability to receive income from referrals trading operations. Increase the level of remuneration, share bonuses and simply make money on the recommendations of high-quality service. You advise us — we thank you!

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