What is Address Management

What is Address Management

Address management is an important section of security. This function provides the exchange user with the ability to save reliable addresses for the withdrawal of different coins and tokens, to create a white list of addresses. Also, this section acts as a regular address book. If you save the necessary addresses with the appropriate names or titles, you can quickly send funds to the address from the list.

Why it is important

If you correctly set up your address book, you will simplify and speed up the withdrawal process, eliminate the possibility of typos or address substitution by hackers. A special function allows you to withdraw funds only to address from the white list. Even if a user becomes a victim of a hack or phishing, it will be impossible to withdraw funds from his account to a third-party address. In this way, you will protect yourself from malware that replaces addresses in the clipboard. If the whitelist function is disabled, your funds can be withdrawn to any address.

How to enable and configure address management on bitexbit

  1. Click the Login button on the website.
  2. Enter the login and password of your account.
    You will receive a letter notifying you of entering your account to the email address specified in the account.
  3. Hover over the Profile button in the upper right corner and select Security from the drop-down list of functions.
  4. Click the Manage button in the Address Management section.
  5. Set up your address book.
    • Click Add new withdrawal address.
    • Choose a coin or token.
    • Add a label and address, check the box next to Is Whitelisted if you want to add it to the whitelist immediately. If you do not want to add the address to the whitelist, but only to the address book, do not check this box. In this case, you can easily withdraw funds to this address, but in case of an attack or hacking, this address will be blocked for withdrawals, like all other than the white list. Please check each character in the address before adding it. Click Submit.
    • To confirm, enter the PIN Code sent to the email address specified in your account.
    • The address is added to the address book.
    • Add the required addresses by analogy. Supplement and change your address book at any time.
  6. To restrict the ability to withdraw funds to third-party addresses, enable the whitelist function.
    • Click the On/Off.
    • Confirm the action by entering your Email PIN Code.
    • Now you can withdraw funds from the account only to the addresses from the white list.
We strongly recommend using all possible security measures to guard your funds.

Last modified on 01.12.2020