How to enable anti-phishing code

How to setup anti-phishing code

An anti-phishing code is an additional account protection feature that increases the user's security level. After activating this function, a user-defined secret word will be added to all emails sent on behalf of the exchange, which will make it possible to verify the authenticity of the sender and prevent phishing attempts.

Phishing is a cyberattack method aimed at collecting sensitive personal data such as bank details, passwords, and personal information. This is one of the types of social engineering: fraudsters use psychological manipulation and the human factor.

Phishing attack tools - emails prompting you to enter sensitive data on a third-party (fraudulent) site that is identical to the original, for example, fake password reset requests or bank confirmation requests. In the crypto industry, scammers use phishing to spoof exchange websites, replace the user's wallet address with the fraudster's wallet address.

How to enable anti-phishing code on bitexbit

  1. Click the Login button on the website.
  2. Enter the login and password of your account and go through two-factor authentication if it is activated.
  3. Hover your cursor over the Profile button in the top bar and select Security from the dropdown list of functions.
  4. Click the Create button next to the Anti-Phishing Code field.
  5. Click the Create Anti-Phishing Code button.
  6. Enter a code of 8 characters, make sure you choose a secure code that is unknown to third parties. Confirm the activation of the anti-phishing code using the confirmation code that will be sent to your email, or through 2FA.

You now have an anti-phishing code installed on your account. Please check the code every time you receive an email from the exchange. Be careful not to pass your code on to third parties!

Last modified on 10.02.2021